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Weifang Hongwang Industry Co.,Ltd

ADD:9 Baiyun Road, Weifang Economic and Technological Development Zone,China

TEL:+86-536-7363922  7360679  7360678

FAX: +86-536-7368188

Email: hd536@hwhousehold.com

?2018  Hong Wang Group

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We attend the 126th China Import and Export Fair

    In 2019,126th China import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Fair) will be held October 23-27 (Home Furnishing decorations) held in Guangzhou, "Yangcheng" in the leadership of the company's strong support and full cooperation with the factory, our company will participate in this event.
    Canton Fair is China's longest history, the largest, the most complete types of goods, the largest buyers, and the most widely distributed, the best results of the international trade fair, known as "China's first exhibition."".
Our Booth No:The 126th Canton Fair,Ⅱ,AREA C:14.3I 36-37
All partners are welcome to visit us at this time.