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Weifang Hongwang Industry Co.,Ltd

ADD:9 Baiyun Road, Weifang Economic and Technological Development Zone,China

TEL:+86-536-7363922  7360679  7360678

FAX: +86-536-7368188

Email: hd536@hwhousehold.com

?2018  Hong Wang Group

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Hong Wang Group was founded in 1989, is the design, development, production, sales as one of the major home appliances enterprise groups. Company under the three factories, covers an area of 89000 m2. Purchased from Japan complete with 4 automatic tube production lines, 3 powder-coat, spray finishing, plastic coating production lines , 28 sets of computer-controlled plastic injection machines and over 70 punches, welding equipments ,We have 760 staffs,including 22 professional designers and engineers. 


The company over thirty five national patents, and has import and export right. Relying on innovative design, large production capacity, modern enterprise management patten has become China's largest household goods manufacturers.